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MEIDA H - Ceramic

Due to the infrared wavelengths, the product has healthy effects on the human body. Furthermore, the material is soft, pleasant to touch and is heat insulating.

The very fine downs made of melted ceramic powder and produced by means of infrared radiation, emit infrared wavelengths of 4-14 µ at a radiation of up to 80 per cent.

Product properties:

The radiation might help persons suffering from:

In particular, the healthy effect offered by MEIDA H might help elderly people suffering from

The product made of ceramic powder and denaturalised by means of infrared radiation, absorbs and retains the heat from the sun and the heat from the human body, thus improving its own heat insulating effects.

When wearing clothing or others in which MEIDA H is used, such an effect is achieved that the person will have the impression that the temperature is 2 to 4 grades higher than reality without sweaty feeling due to the high breathability.

Furthermore, the very fine downs made of ceramic powder by means of infrared radiation have a special net structure.

Additional properties:

MEIDA H has proven to be one of the most heat-insulating waddings in the world.

The product is characterised by being light, soft, and moisture- and mould-resistant.