Meida DRY - Care Instuctions

Meida DRY is washable at 40oC.
The thermal insulation properties are retained after washing.

Meida DRY can be ironed. Maximum ironing temperature 120oC (one dot). At higher temperatures, the fine fibres are liable to damage.

No dry-cleaning!

Meida DRY can be used as thermal insulation in a variety of items, such as outerwear, sportswear, footwear, sleeping bags, etc. However, since fashion and types of fabrics are constantly changing, all manufacturers will themselves have to test the finished garment/item in which MEIDA is used. The test should include all the known parameters, such as washing, ironing, fibre movement, wear and tear, etc.

When cutting Meida DRY with automated computerized equipment, reduce the speed to "low" or setting the speed to 8 at 1,000-1,500 vibrations to prevent the heat generated by the knife from melting the fine layers. Some manufacturers, however, solve this problem by applying or spraying silicone on the cutting knife.

We recommend to sew Meida DRY with a core-spun polyester/cotton thread. Normally Meida DRY is fully stitched to the garment. However, when Meida DRY is hanging down loosely, it is recommended that it be stitched to the garment/item or overlocked so that the layers do not split up.