Meida MD - a Lightweight, Efficient Insulation

Meida MD is a very light, thin and smooth padding with superior thermal insulation properties. Meida MD is almost twice as warm as other insulations of equal thickness. Meida MD is the perfect choice for outdoor wear.

Meida MD fibers are 10 times finer than other synthetic insulations, allowing to retain more heat.

Meida MD a lightweight, efficient insulation padding. 
Sold by Meida Europe.

The width of Meida MD is 1.5 m.

Meida MD is available in eight different weights:

Meida MD50sms
Meida MD65sms
Meida MD80sms
Meida MD100sms
Meida MD120sms
Meida MD150sms
Meida MD200sms
Meida MD300sms

Meida MD is Water-Reistant

Meida MD absorbs less than 1 percent of its weight in water. Even in a soaking snow, clothing with Meida MD will be able to keep you warm.

Your Perfect Choice for Outerwear Insulation

Meida MD is made of superfine fibres with high performance thermal insulation properties. Meida MD is airy, light and soft. Meida MD can easily be incorporated in the clothing. This unique padding is ideal for outerwear for highly active cold-weather sports like skiing and snowboarding. This high-performance insulation offers the ideal combination of features to help high-loft insulation garments stay dry all the time.
Meida MD is also perfect as insulation in footwear, plaids, jackets, coats, bedspreads, bedcovers, bags and sleeping bags.

Meida MD is non-allergic

Meida MD is non-allergic. It is comfortable to wear and stylish.

Meida MD is windproof

Meida MD is the best choice in wind protection. Meida DRY provides an efficient insulation and offers full protection from even a very high wind chill factor.