Meida DRY - WINDBREAKER - Waterproof

MeidaŽ DRY is waterproof, windproof, keeps you warm, and maintains a total breathability.

Windbreaker- Meida DRY a breathable, windproof and waterproof insulation padding supplied with a ptfe membrane. Offered by Meida Europe.

The width of Meida DRY is 1.5 m.

Meida DRY is available in two 2 weights:

Meida DRY 40 - MD40SMS
Meida DRY 80 - MD80SMS

The unique Meida DRY padding is specifically designed to enhance the insulation performance of outwear, sportswear, footwear, plaids, bags and sleeping bags. This high-performance padding offers the ideal combination of features to help high-loft insulation garments stay dry.

However, one of the most remarkable features of Meida DRY is the fact that this type of insulation padding maintains a total breathability, and at the same time it protects efficiently against wind and water.

Meida DRY is waterproof

Meida DRY provides significant moisture protection from sources like melting snow, dew, tent condensation, or even hot coffee or soup. The ultra-thin Meida membrane provides an effective barrier thus preventing the penetration of water and other fluid substances such as oils, cosmetics, food and even chemical substances.

Meida DRY is windproof

Meida DRY is the best choice in wind protection. Meida DRY provides an efficient insulation and offers full protection from even a very high wind chill factor. The fine pores in the Meida DRY membrane are simply too small for the wind to pass through. In this way you keep the warm air, and Meida DRY will only allow the body perspiration vapour to escape. You will feel comfortable wearing Meida DRY when being outside even when being exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Meida DRY is breathable

The more you move around, the more heat and moisture your body will produce. Therefore, we recommend Meida DRY incorporated in your textile garments.

One of Meida DRY's unique features is to allow your body perspiration vapour to escape through the specifically designed air-permeable membrane of Meida DRY. Because the wind cannot penetrate through, you will stay dry and feel comfort whatever your activity. This is due to the remarkable feature of the Meida DRY fine membrane containing billions of micro-pores - each 20,000 times smaller than a raindrop but 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour. Therefore, while water cannot penetrate through the padding, the body perspiration can.