Technical Data and Instructions


Meida – a high-performance padding and windbreaker · breathable · windproof · waterproof.

Meida MD – a Lightweight, Efficient Insulation

Meida MD is a very light, thin and smooth padding with superior thermal insulation properties. Meida MD is almost twice as warm as other insulations of equal thickness. Meida MD is the perfect choice for outdoor wear. Meida MD fibers are 10 times finer than other synthetic insulations, allowing to retain more heat.

The width of Meida MD is 1.5 m. Meida MD is available in eight different weights:

Meida MD50sms
Meida MD65sms
Meida MD80sms
Meida MD100sms
Meida MD120sms
Meida MD150sms
Meida MD200sms
Meida MD300sms

Meida MD is Water-Reistant

Meida MD absorbs less than 1 percent of its weight in water. Even in a soaking snow, clothing with Meida MD will be able to keep you warm.

Your Perfect Choice for Outerwear Insulation

Meida MD is made of superfine fibres with high performance thermal insulation properties. Meida MD is airy, light and soft. Meida MD can easily be incorporated in the clothing. This unique padding is ideal for outerwear for highly active cold-weather sports like skiing and snowboarding. This high-performance insulation offers the ideal combination of features to help high-loft insulation garments stay dry all the time.
Meida MD is also perfect as insulation in footwear, plaids, jackets, coats, bedspreads, bedcovers, bags and sleeping bags.

Meida MD is non-allergic

Meida MD is non-allergic. It is comfortable to wear and stylish.

Meida MD is windproof

Meida MD is the best choice in wind protection. Meida DRY provides an efficient insulation and offers full protection from even a very high wind chill factor.

Technical Data

Thermal Insulation Data & CLO Value

ItemThermal Insulation EfficiencyCLO Value

Thickness and Ventilation of Meida

g/m2Thickness (mm)Ventilation
50 g/m20,74544
80 g/m21.05480
100 g/m21.45152
200 g/m22.9354

Heat Retention Properties of Meida Compared with Woollen Trousers

Thermal Insulation EfficiencyCLO Value
One Meida-lined shirt73.501.635
One cashmere sweater26.880.2762
Two cashmere sweaters53.670.7082

Meida lined Trousers Compared With Woollen Trousers

Woollen TrousersMeida-lined Trousers
Thermal Insulation Efficiency51.9 %52.5 %
weight (g)740376
Thickness (mm)2.41.6

Care Instructions

Wash at temperatures below 60oC. The thermal insulation properties are retained after washing. Powder or liquid detergent. No fabric softener.

Maximum iron temperature 120oC (one dot). If the temperature is higher, the fine fibres are liable to damage.

Normally Meida MD is fully stitched to the garment. However, when Meida MD is hanging down loosely, it is recommended that it be stitched to the lining or overlocked in order to prevent fiber migration.

When cutting Meida MD with automated computerized equipment, reduce the speed to “low” or setting the speed to 8 at 1,000-1,500 vibrations to prevent the heat generated by the knife from melting the fine fibers. Some manufacturers, however, solve this problem by applying or spraying silicone on the cutting knife.

Meida MD is suitable as interlining and padding in a variety of products, such as outerwear, footwear and sportswear.
However, since fashion and types of fabrics are constantly changing, all manufacturers will themselves have to test the finished garment according to the known textile parameters, such ironing, wash, dry-cleaning, fiber migration, etc.  in which Meida MD is used.This test should include all the known parameters, such as washing, dry-cleaning, ironing, fibre movement, wear and tear, etc.