The advantages of MEIDA intermediate lining

MEIDA is a thin and elegant liner for insulating clothing or other heat-insulating applications. The intermediate lining is both extremely breathable, has a high insulation capacity and a windbreaker effect. This makes it easy to keep warm, but without getting the sweaty feeling that other insulation materials give.

MEIDA intermediate liner is manufactured in many different variants and thicknesses, and this means that it can be used for many different applications. MEIDA is thus used both as insulation in thermal underwear (tested in Greenland), gloves, boots, rainwear, fashion clothing and wool coats. But also in mattresses, survival suits, rescue equipment, blood supply-enhancing applications and much more. You can read more about the different varieties below.

MEIDA Original is our regular intermediate liner, and can be used in the vast majority of applications where thermal insulation is desired. The intermediate lining can help the end user keep warm even in cool windy weather, where it is used in nice, thin clothes.

For example, you can see in this video what effect MEIDA has on wind when it is placed in a wool coat that is otherwise not windproof.

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MEIDA Ceramic is our unique intermediate liner which contains ceramic fibers. Ceramic fibers have the unique property that they reflect long-wave infrared rays (in English “far infrared rays”, also abbreviated as “FIR”) as a result of the thermal energy our own body emits. When the body emits thermal energy, the ceramic fibers are stimulated and convert this into long-wave infrared rays which are reflected back to the body.

The long-wave infrared rays come in contact with proteins, collagen and fat in the body, where they can stimulate microvibrations and an increased temperature in the tissue. This can lead to improved blood flow and microcirculation in the user, and can thus have both healing and performance-enhancing effects. Longwave infrared rays are thermal and a natural part of the sun’s rays – and are completely harmless.

All variants of MEIDA are Oekotex certified, which means that they do not contain harmful substances.